INSTANT SCRATCH & PULL TABS The Kansas Lottery offers over 90 different instant scratch and pull tab games throughout the year. With a variety of prices, prizes and odds, it's an instant way to make your day.  Visit any Kansas Lottery retailer for our current selection of tickets.


Pull Tabs

Pull tab games come in a variety of themes with match-three-symbol play action. Pull tabs have some of the best overall odds of the Lottery's instant product line. To play, just pull the tabs on the ticket. If you match three symbols in a window you win the corresponding prize on the legend.
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Instant Scratch

Instant tickets offer a variety of play actions, with prizes ranging from free tickets to thousands of dollars. To play, simply scratch the latex coating off the ticket to find out if the ticket is a winner. Instant "scratch" tickets expire 180 days after the announced end date of the game.
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